You will never have any treatment without fully understanding what it is, why it’s an option and agreeing to go ahead.

Knowledge empowers you – so all decisions are based on informed consent and knowing what is going to happen, what fees are involved and how you can go about paying for it will dispel any unwarranted fears or confusion.
You can always come in and have a chat to your dentist about your treatment options any time. We will sit down with you and explain it until you are happy.
We promise that before we start, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Meet our dentist
  • Discuss options and costs
  • See examples of our work
  • Decide what’s right for you

    Your 1st appointment includes:

    • Full mouth examination
    • Jaw joints and bite examination
    • Digital Photographs
    • Impressions and /or digital X rays
    • Gum health screening
    • Full personalized treatment plan
    • Dental Goals review
    • A view of a portfolio of similar treatment cases done

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