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Are you looking to brighten and whiten your smile? Carillon City Dental have the perfect solution for you.

If your teeth are showing evidence of your morning coffee, evening red wine, or smoking habits, or any other extrinsic discolouration, we can provide you with two choices of professional teeth whitening. Let your smile light up the room with the selection of our Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit, or our In-Chair Teeth Whitening procedure.

Dental whitening is fantastic for treating any surface stains which may occur, but any underlying issues should first be addressed to avoid potential aggravation or neglect. Before your dental whitening you must be up-to-date with your dental care, such as fillings, as whitening can accelerate decay and cause sensitivity. A simple assessment with a scale and clean from our dentists ensures your teeth are ultimately safe, and ready for the best, brightest results!

In-Chair Teeth Whitening:

In-Chair Teeth Whitening is exclusively offered by dentists offering our patients the most stunning results from industry-leading technology and techniques.

We use the market leading Pola Office In-Chair Whitening System, which utilises a prescription strength hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. This powerful system is only offered in our clinic, requiring just one hour to complete three to four rounds of 8-minute sessions. This whitening system can leave you with a smile that’s up to eight shades whiter!

GAP FREE Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit:

If you have sensitive teeth or want to control the whitening process yourself, our Take-Home Kits can be readily provided to you by your dentist. Add sparkle to your smile from the comfort of your own home with easy-to-use applications of dental strength whitening gel and custom trays which have been adapted to fit the individual shape your teeth. Once you’ve found your desired shade of white, you can stop the applications and enjoy your brand-new smile.

At Carillon City Dental we are currently offering our take-home teeth whitening kits GAP FREE for all patients with private health insurance. That will mean you can whitening your teeth with no out of pocket expense!

Questions or concerns? If you’re unsure about which option would suit you best, simply book a consultation with one of our dentists to receive helpful information and advice.

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What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is all about showing off your whitest, brightest smile by removing stains and discolouration that build up on the enamel of the teeth.  Stains naturally build up on teeth and over time this makes them discoloured. Discolouration can also be exacerbated by activities like smoking, drinking dark coloured liquids like tea, coffee and red wine, or not taking good care of your teeth. As we get older, our teeth also tend to be more prone to discolouration.  Teeth whitening will lighten the colour of your teeth without damaging the enamel.

These days, there are a number of over the counter teeth whitening solutions available which are designed to lighten stains on your teeth but your dentist will generally provide better results if you’re after a pearly white smile.

Teeth whitening procedure

Firstly, your dentist will take a look at your teeth to ensure they’re in good condition and will often conduct a scale and clean. Teeth whitening can increase sensitivity so your dentist will confirm that you’re up to date with your dental care. Also, issues such as receding gums or cavities can impact on the success of the treatment so your dentist will need to look for any of these issues.

Once your teeth have been checked, many people choose to proceed with an in-chair option where your dentist conducts the teeth whitening at the dental practice. With an in-chair option, your dentist will apply a peroxide gel to your teeth and this gel is often activated by a light or laser.

If you’d prefer a take home option, your dentist will usually be able to provide a dentist strength teeth whitening package for you to use at home. This might be the best option for you if you tend to suffer from teeth sensitivity and don’t want to risk a stronger treatment.

Results of teeth lightening

When you choose an in-chair tooth whitening procedure, it’s generally quick and each session will usually take between 30 and 90 minutes. With more state of the art systems, it could be as quick as a few minutes. Usually two to four sessions are required for the full teeth whitening effect and your dentist will generally have finished your treatment within three to four weeks.

Depending on the level of staining and the results you want, your dentist may also take an impression of your teeth for a mouthguard so you can continue your treatment at home and this treatment at home could continue for two to four weeks.

Teeth bleaching

Teeth bleaching isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s a safe procedure which involves the application of a peroxide based bleaching product to your teeth which will work to remove surface stains. The products used by your dentist are stronger than the over the counter products which means they give greater results in a shorter amount of time. Teeth bleaching products should never be used for longer than recommended as it can dehydrate the teeth and cause sensitivity. It’s important to remember that bleaching products won’t lighten crowns or fillings.

Longevity of teeth whitening

Unfortunately, no. No matter how thorough your teeth whitening procedure has been, stains will continue to build up over time and there is no permanent solution available to keep your natural teeth white indefinitely. However, after a high-quality teeth whitening procedure you can usually expect the results to last up to one and three years. After that time, your teeth will generally begin to slowly discolour but many people find that they don’t need to worry about a return visit to the dentist for some years.

Factors that impact on how long your teeth whitening lasts include the thickness of your enamel, the seriousness of the initial discolouration and whether you regularly consume foods or drinks which are known to stain.

If you’re looking for teeth whitening, Perth based Carillon City Dental can help. Whether you’re based in Joondalup or anywhere else in the Perth metro area, we provide the best teeth whitening services at a competitive price.

For more information about teeth whitening, including a cost estimate, contact Carillon City Dental today on (08) 9322 5340.