Crowns and bridges



A dental crown is indicated when a tooth is badly broken down, heavily filled, cracked or weakened due to root canal therapy. They may also be indicated in certain cosmetic cases to improve your smile. A crown is a porcelain “jacket” or “cap” that sits precisely over, and is cemented to, the underlying tooth to strengthen the tooth and vastly improve its appearance. This will give confidence that the tooth will not break or fracture and will greatly lengthen the life span of tooth. dental_crown

To have a crown placed onto a tooth two appointments are needed. During the first appointment the tooth is minimally filed down to the correct shape so there is room for the crown to be seated. An impression or mould is taken of the tooth and this is then sent to our laboratory. We place a temporary crown over the tooth whilst the crown is fabricated. After one to two weeks we receive the crown from our laboratory and it is finally cemented over the tooth.

At Carillon City Dental we use the finest dental laboratories in Western Australia to ensure you receive the highest quality dental crowns and bridgework. This will mean that any crowns you have with us will be extremely lifelike and be relatively indistinguishable to the other teeth in your mouth. If a crown is made properly and looked after correctly by the patient it should last a minimum of ten years and hopefully much longer!



Dental Bridges are used as a fixed and permanent solution to replace missing teeth. If you have a missing tooth, then the teeth either side of the gap are prepared in a similar manner to that of a tooth to receive a crown. An impression is taken of these teeth and then our laboratory will fabricate a bridge that will essentially be three teeth fused together that will over fit over the prepared teeth either side of the missing tooth


A bridge is cemented permanently into place so it is fixed prosthesis. They are easily cleanable are often a slightly less expensive method of replacing teeth compared to implants. The downside is that they do require the preparation of two or more teeth and are often only limited to replacing one tooth at a time.

If you require any crown or bridgework or would like to discuss these treatments further then call our experienced team today.